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*Curious to know for sure whether he was actually ageing or not had brought Juudai to the apartment home of Sadame and Shian, in the "Tops" area of the city. This had been the first time Juudai had ventured into the apartment buildings in the area and was astounded by the high-class surroundings for what seemed like a regular apartment block from outside. Juudai wasn't sure if he could picture himself living in such a place though. It was nice, but he preferred places like Sakana, which maybe old, but had a lot of character to it.

Right, he was here to see Sadame, wasn't he.

Looking at a piece of paper which he'd written the address on, he finds the apartment belonging to Sadame and knocks on the door.*
*A few days after the defeat of the Ark Cradle, the city was gradually getting back to normal, as people returned to their homes and jobs. But despite this, Juudai couldn't help but think back to the duel he had within the Ark Cradle, along side Aki, and the information he discovered during it, that turned what had been something he idly wondered on for a while, into a sudden possible reality.
Although a difficult situation, he figured letting Asuka know about it as soon as possible would be the best thing to do.

He'd been out most of the day, just answering any queries from people and spirits about the Ark cradle through the Spirit Foundation and settling any fears and had since returned home. Taking a deep breath and breathing out a sigh, he walks into their apartment.*

Hey. I'm home.
Haaa, gosh, that duel was awesome!!
I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get to go up against them myself, but Hawkeye and Alex did such an awesome job!

Now we just need to make sure we are absolutely ready for Team New World.
To Saiga and Desdemona-san:
Just letting you guys know there seems to be a bigger number of Skull Servants about than normal, selling fake WRGP goods and breaking into houses, so we need to try and keep an eye on the situation the best we can. We've been getting a few concerns through the Spirit Foundation about them and it sounds like the cops are having a hell of a time with them lately too.

Dealing with Yliaster and the WRGP is top priority right now, especially for myself and Desdemona-san, so Saiga, since you're not as involved with the WRGP, think you'd be able to keep an eye on them when myself and Desdemona-san can't?

...I just hope this doesn't turn into them trying to sell people's genders or minds, or something like that.
Tch... Team New World...
I'm sure by now you've all seen the bracket of the next round of the tournament. Thing is, there's something off about it. Seems like some people have noticed, though most haven't, but it's vital that you all know what's going on with Team New World, especially since there's a chance we may end up dueling against them.

There was a team in the tournament that appears to of been completely erased, meaning, there's no news coverage or anything on Team Rearview. Instead, a team named Team New World have appeared in the bracket and they weren't in the tournament originally, no matter what the news coverage on them says now or what people remember. I think they've changed something to get themselves into the tournament.

Team New World are the ones behind the Ghost attacks on the city and the ones who wield the Machine Emperors. They're aiming to completely erase the city, apparently in an effort to stop some catastrophe caused by the Momentum in the future. I don't know if what they told me was true or not, but even if it is, there must be a way to avoid what may happen with the Momentum without erasing the city and everyone in it.
They need to be stopped.
I've got a question to ask both of you, since you both work at the Arcadia Movement.

Did Divine leave any blueprints or plans for the Momentum Reactor laying around by any chance?
Well, I'm officially 23 now!!